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The Stratons of Lauriston










Southwest Landscapes
Bryce Canyon
Clouds + lanscape, White Pocket
DeMille in Joshua Tree
The promised land Joshua Tree 3657K1iiM3 1-4-23
Clouds + lanscape, White Pocket
DeMille in Joshua Tree
Curled rock  Monument Valley 32AA5 9-12-16 Gnarl + gold in lit pasture Brush Creek Ranch 745K1iiA22 9-11-18 15 Splash Joshua Tree 3708K1iiM3 1-5-23
Rock rising into streaked sky Joshua Tree 15K18 12-13-07 Not yet Unfoldied Cathedral in the desert 4318K1iiN4 Joshua Tree NP
Fractal light Grand Wash 4470K1iiN6 3-30-23 Rock not-doing, Devil's Garden  
Pressures Cathedral in the desert 4336K1iiN4 3-29-23 Spots + stripes is not a fashion faux paus Zion NP Overlook 33K25 8-17-08 At ease Arches NP 4181K1iiN2 3-27-23




This is a representative sample of images; others available upon request