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Abstractions from the Natural World
Shooting gold Fan of gold, Heart Lake,Little lakes Valley Log + smooth reflection, Silver Falls SP
Symmetry breaking Spooky Gulch 33AA15 9-13-16 Monuet darker Japanese Garden 8AE3 10-31-17
Deciduous rock White R Falls 35AD14 10-6-17 Bubble of joy darker Lake Agnes Banff NP 21V3 8-23-15 Rock hook White R Falls 28AD15 10-6-17
Cupping shadows Willis Cr33AAB1 9-14-16 Shadows + ribs darker S Coyote Buttes 26R4 3-21-14 Staghorn shadow Arches NP 14S1 3-28-14
Rock diag darker Cathedral in the Desert 19R12 3-25-14 Neon water + reeds Canton Creek 14P7 9-10-12 Redwing Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest 13N11  7-24-11
Hook + flow darker Washougal Salmon Hatchery 6S11 7-31-14 3D falls Washougal Salmon Hatchery 6S9 3-21-14 Talons, Painted Hills
Cupping shadows Willis Cr 33AB2 9-14-16 Tracks on my mind Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP 28Q18 3-19-14 Bubble of joy darker Lake Agnes Banff NP 21V3 8-23-15
From both sides now Honeyman State Park w Theresa 6630K1iiE8 7-20-20

Seven quick ways down from Aiguille du Midi 5273K1iiD8 7-16-19



 This is a representative sample of images; others available upon request