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Abstractions from human artifacts
Lark Ascending in moonlight, Montgomery Laundry window Moss on cement Marcola 4nA7 1-1-76 Striding 31AC4 7-7-17
Jovian strut  34AC5 7-7-17 Spacetime Montpilier near Hungry Mtn Coop Paint on boxcar Transception Eugene Truck Junk Yard 4nA9 1976
Fern in dam on the Rake Idrija, Slovenia Lawrence Hall courtyard in the snow U of O B4A20 12-2-80 Door in angle Idrija, Slovenia 3Q7 9-13-13
Morning on Mars again darker Swan Island 7Y13 7-24-16 Lit Ramp Ft Stevens B4A64 c 1982 The Pier Montpilier near Hungry Mtn Coop Blue paint and rust on boxcar
  Rust bubbles on 55 Gallon drum Eugene 4nA8_3 c 1976 Skirting the edge Oroboros Building 2n6B32 6-29-17




 This is a representative sample of images; others available upon request